You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some things to consider before beginning down the path of a renovation or new home project:

  1. How do I decide what is in scope and what is out of scope? It sounds like a simplistic question but often clients overlook the need to really consider the extent of what they want to do early in the planning process which can affect their budget, their expectations and the overall outcome. To help make this easier, we recommend preparing a list of the parts of the building you wish to retain, and the parts you wish to change then draw a sketch of the house. Never underestimate the benefit of the humble hand drawn building plan! This will also help the draftsman, building designer or architect when it comes time to get certifiable house plans drawn up.
  2. How do I set a realistic budget? We won’t beat around the bush, major renovations delivered with quality you can be proud of can be expensive. It is critical to bear this in mind when you are working out the scope of your renovations. We can work with you to develop a plan that considers potential staging of your project to allow for progressive delivery of your renovations or alternative finishes that achieve the impact you are looking for but using more cost-effective methods.
  3. What if my property is in the Character residential zone or a listed Cultural heritage building? This zoning or heritage overlay is particularly prevalent across properties located in older suburbs of Townsville such as South Townsville, Railway Estate, North Ward, Hyde Park, Hermit Park or Gulliver. If your home is in one of these zones or overlays under the local planning scheme, then a development approval may be needed before a building permit can be obtained from a building certifier. It is always handy to know – for your own peace of mind – whether your house is affected by one of these zones and/or overlays before you design your renovations with a draftsman or building designer. Don’t leave it until the last minute to find out. You can contact the Planning Department at Townsville City Council (or your local government) to find out if your property is in one of these character or heritage areas or check ePlanning here:
  4. What if my property is in a flood prone or storm tide inundation area? As with character and heritage requirements, this is an important piece of information to find out early in the planning process as it may determine whether you need a development approval before a building permit. Some low-lying or coastal properties may be affected by low, medium or high flood hazard as well as medium or high storm tide inundation hazard depending on where they are located around the city. If your property is affected by either of these hazards in the local planning scheme then this may need to be taken into consideration in the building design, such as how high the ground floor level of the house needs to be above the natural ground level. You can contact the Planning Department at Townsville City Council (or your local government) to find out if your property is affected by these hazard overlays or check ePlanning here:
  5. Do you have designs we can use? Yes we do! We have a range of home designs available on our website here [link to Home Designs page]. If you see a layout that you like but there are certain adjustments you’d like to make, please feel free to contact us to discuss how the base design can be customised to your needs. We are invested in building the lifestyle you deserve.
  6. Help! I have no idea where to start with fixtures, finishes and materials? Do some research about the types of features, fittings and materials you want to include to avoid surprises. This doesn’t mean saving your dream designs to a Pinterest board alone. To set a realistic budget and practical scope for achieving your ideas, it is always helpful to do some research about what materials and services actually cost so you are not disappointed or overwhelmed when you receive your quotes. But do not be discouraged. Often you can achieve the look you are dreaming of for your home by making some simple cost-saving measures. For example, when designing your bathroom, think of what the flagship feature. If it is about highlighting some bespoke, higher end basins then consider pairing back on your tile and vanity selections. While we want you to be happy in your home, it is also worth considering the longer-term, you may love the bespoke basins, the tile feature wall and the higher end vanity but will a future buyer really appreciate all of those elements and the price tags? Or, can you achieve the overall look and feel at a smaller outlay by showcasing a single element?